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Catalogue Buttons

1-4 $1.90 each
5-11 $1.60 each
12-24 $1.33 each
25-49 $1.20 each
50-99 $1.00 each
100-199 $ .90 each
200-499 $ .80 each
500-1000 $ .68 each
Sticker prices = button prices plus 50 cents each. For over 25 stickers, add 40 cents each, and for over 100 stickers, add 30 cents each.

Custom Buttons

If you want buttons with slogans that aren't in the catalogue, I do calligraphic buttons with any slogan you want (within wide limits of length and taste). They cost $3.50 each, plus 25 cents extra for ink other than black, each 5 words after the first 10, or circular layout. If you want three or more of the same custom button (paper color may vary, but not the other features), then subtract 50 cents from the cost of each button.
Click here to add custom buttons to your baggie.


  • $4 for 10 or fewer buttons, $5 for 11-30, $7 for 26-100 and $1 for each additional hundred.
  • There's a $4 minimum for UPS postage.
  • Postage is doubled for delivery to countries other than the US or Canada.
I hope this works. It's been a long time since I've brought shipping into line with current postage prices, and this shouldn't be too far off. Eventually, I want to have a postage widget which will be more exact. Meanwhile, if you want more exact shipping, I can correct the money you send me to for items (same for buttons and bumper stickers) at 1/2 ounce each, sent from zip code 19148. The packaging weight is negligible.



Contact Nancy Lebovitz to discuss anything you want; she's friendly. This includes discussing the site, of course.
Or contact Joshua Kronengold, who did most of the [perl] CGI and HTML work on the site if you want to discuss similar work [He's not at all cheap, but is good and fast].